OK, so sometimes I use LightRoom to tweak the color on my photos.  But on these, I didn’t touch the color settings at all…

I almost didn’t even go out… It was a little breezy.  The overcast skies were threatening rain…  I’m now convinced those are the most excellent conditions under which to shoot spring wildflowers!

False Solomon's Seal


White Trillium




Red Trillium


Swamp Buttercup


Wild Geranium



 And, my absolute favorite:


9 thoughts on “Color

  1. I like them all, in all their profusion this time of year!
    I’m convinced that winter, for me, causes sensory deprivation. I am in Heaven these days.
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Those are just wonderful shots. And you’re exactly right…some of the best nature photography around—from spring ephemerals to autumn leaves—is done under under cloudy skies. The light then is soft, even; colors become “saturated.”

    Again, lovely images…

  3. Absolutely stunning and I agree with above commenter June! I feel I’ve been sensory deprived during our long bleak winter and am just inhaling all this beauty!

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