Apparently Sue’s family used to do this when she was younger:  meet at the pavillion at the Quaker picnic area of Allegany State Park.  Cook up and eat a magnificent breakfast, then head out to hike one of the trails.  Sue revived the tradition and this year celebrated the third Annual Allegany Breakfast and Hike.  I am pleased to say that I have attended all three and that THIS year, I actually stayed for the hike part.


Concetta "manned" one of the Coleman Stoves to fry up the bacon. (Womanned?)

Folks bring dishes to pass, but Coleman stoves are also on hand for cooking.


Sue scrambles the eggs.

It has traditionally been Matthew’s job to deep fry the donuts.  Since he was late in arriving, the girls took over.

Donut Brigade

The Donut Brigade

I liked them dusted with cinnamon sugar best of all.


Donuts! (That's my dutch oven... many delicious things have come out of that over the years!)

Patterson Trail

The Patterson Trail

I didn’t manage to snap a shot of the table, laden with food, and surrounded by people having a blast.  I guess I was too busy eating bacon, eggs, donuts, two kinds of apple crisp, and blueberry buckle and washing it all down with orange juice and coffee… which is why I really NEEDED the after-breakfast hike.

We drove through to the Red House side of the park, left 2 vehicles at the Bova ski area, and all piled into one vehicle to drive up to the Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski area so that we could hike the Patterson trail from top to bottom.  My daughter has skiied that section in winter, but I never have.  It is a gentle, easy descent and I think I might want to try it one of these winters!  (I’m intrigued by Snowsnake Run… but I think I’ll come back and do that in Autumn and not try this “most difficult” trail on skis!)

I’m sure the trail has its own winter beauty, but I can’t imagine the trail being any more beautiful than it was in Autumn.

Short Break

We took a short breather where Snowsnake Run re-joins Patterson.

It was a delightful day… surely to be repeated next year – probably the 3rd Sunday in October at 10am at the Quaker picnic area.  Consider yourself invited.  Bring a dish to pass and/or your Coleman stove, your picnic dishes, and your hiking boots.  See you then!

The Woods

A view from Patterson Trail

5 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Wow. I am seriously interested in adopting this tradition. One of our upcoming family traditions is to eat Thanksgiving dinner, go to our state park, hike and then take a nap somewhere in the sun. But breakfast – yes!

  2. I was lucky enough to spend 4 days in Allegany State Park last August. It’s an awesome place, but it is SOOOOOO BIG !!!! Certainly lots to see and do there.

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