Hiking During Hunting Season

Archery opened several weeks ago. Shotgun opened Saturday. What is a hiker to do? I was delighted to learn that hunting is prohibited inside Allegany State Park on Sundays. (Thank you to whoever made that rule!)

I had been curious about a lean-to on the park map and decided to go check it out. It is reportedly on a section of the cross country ski trails – along the Ridge Run.

We parked at the Bova Creek area – where once upon a time there was downhill skiing – and headed up Patterson Run. We had a cup of hot chocolate at the point where Patterson, Ridge Run, and Snowsnake Run all meet up, then took the sharp right turn to follow Ridge Run.

At the site of the supposed lean-to, there were a few pieces and parts that could have been part of a structure once, I suppose. Why I didn’t take a picture, I’m not sure.

From this point, the park map lists only two alternatives: turnaround and retrace your steps, or continue along the Ridge Run and eventually reach the summit. We were using an old map from an orienteering club* that showed more detail and discovered we could continue on another path that would loop back to the truck – by way of the old down-hill ski site! (Read about the history of “Bova Slopes” by clicking –> here.)

(* By the way, does anyone know where I can buy a new, fresh topographic/orienteering map of the park?  UPDATE 11/26/2010:  Here’s the link for buying that awesome map: http://www.hyatts.com/art/allegany-state-park-trail-map-Y79603)

Here are a few shots from the top of Bova Slopes:



This is a picture of the truck. Can you see it?

Patterson and Ridge Run are wide and recently groomed and grated in preparation for snow and the cross country ski season. Once that happens, dogs and snowshoes are not allowed on those sections of trail.

I have heard a rumor that new maps of the park are in the works. I am looking very forward to those!

I tried to make a google map of the area, but the software and my computer didn’t want to play nice with each other. Here is a link to a google map that I started (click here). Ignore what is labeled “Ski Touring.” If that exists, I didn’t find it…

7 thoughts on “Hiking During Hunting Season

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  2. I might see the truck if it is in the middle of the photo but I’m not sure.
    I, too dislike what hunting season does to my walks as I watch a blaze orange fellow pass by my kitchen window with a gun raised to his shoulder. That is when I turn NPR on full force to the back yard speakers.

  3. Thanks for posting this information – I was looking for information about that lean-to (I’ve been to the other 5 in the park and have stayed at the 3 usable ones on the FLT/NCT.) It is difficult to get such information from park employees, most of whom have never been on any of trails.

    I have spent the last 40 years backpacking and hiking, from New York, to Alaska to Louisiana. I have been (and currently still am) a member of local trail groups like the FLT and Foothills Trail Club, statewide groups like the ADK Club, and national groups like the Sierra Club. But I’m also a member of a local sportsmen’s club and the NRA. I’ve never understood the great divide between some hikers and some hunters.

    I’ve spent a lot more time in the woods not hunting than I have spent hunting. But over the past 40 years I’ve realized that if I’m not in the woods as either predator or prey, then I’m just a disturbance to nature. The deer and the coyote have no use for me taking pictures of them. My footprints add nothing of value to their world. The wilderness is a place where predator and prey are engaged in a constant circle of life. Neither has desire or need for our mere presence.

    And interfering with a hunter who is not trespassing is a violation of New York State, a use I’m sure NPR would not want its broadcast put to.

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