We See With Our Emotions

Twenty degrees.  The heavy snow has stopped, for now.  An occasional flake floats down now and again.  Thick gray clouds block the sun.  Perfect day for a hike, not so perfect for photography.  I snap photo after photo anyway.

Back on my computer, the screen shows me what the camera captured:  gray, monochromatic, dull.  I suppose that IS what it looked like.


I am not satisfied.  It is not a good representation of my memory of the day.  I load the picture into Lightroom and play with the settings until the image matches my memory.

Chautauqua Creek-9

I mess with the other photos similarly.

Chautauqua Creek-2

Chautauqua Creek-4

Chautauqua Creek-7

Chautauqua Creek-12

Ta da!

But photographs can never really capture the beauty of our memories! ~Emily Schlick

12 thoughts on “We See With Our Emotions

  1. lovely, and intriguing…seeing with our emotions…that’s got me thinking about how, too, our emotions arise out of what we see…

  2. Totally cool! Love what you have done in your Lightroom so that we, too, can see how you have seen! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had that capability, that skill, to share with others our deepest perceptions. Shedding the Light on it enhances everything!

  3. Wow! How do you do all of these including the snowing effect? I am impressed… 🙂 and love to see your pictures from memory and enhancement.

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