Great Backyard Bird Count!

I “had” to “work” today.   Poor me.  Ha ha.

What could be better than sitting at the back windows at Audubon, watching and counting birds with Linda O’Brien?  Or to have visitors like Dave and Anita Cooney drop by?  And the occasional family who wants to build a birdfeeder?

I set up the spotting scope and snapped a few shots of birds at the feeder using my little Canon Powershot.

Here’s my setup:

Spotting Scope aimed at Feeder

And here are some of the birds that cooperated for portraits through the scope:

Blue Jay - through the spotting Scope
Blue Jay

Tree Sparrow - through the spotting Scope
American Tree Sparrow

Red-bellied Woodpecker - through the spotting Scope
Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)
Linda just taught me today the difference between the male and female: the female’s head is not red all the way to the beak. There is a section that is sort of grayish.

Northern Cardinal - through the spotting Scope
Northern Cardinal (male)

So far we have had 14 species and nearly 80 individuals. We will be reporting our list to later today!

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