Biomimicry: More Cause for Optimism!

In a TED lecture, Janine Benyus says things like: We need to remember that we live in a competent universe where organisms live gracefully. Life creates conditions conducive to life. We need to reconnect ourselves to the genius of the natural world.

She shows several examples of brilliant design in nature and how scientists are using those designs to create better human systems. That is a cause for optimism, isn’t it?

At the end, Janine invites us to visit this website:

6 thoughts on “Biomimicry: More Cause for Optimism!

  1. Great lecture ! It is nice to see such enthusiasm as she shares this information with others. She does help one feel more hopeful about the future.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. By the way, if you haven’t yet discovered the TED talks by Dan Barber, I can thoroughly recommend them, they’re beautiful!

    There’s so much in the TED talks that gives cause for optimism, I’m really glad I discovered them.

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