Bob and Lolli and I took a hike at Allegany State Park today. We parked on Coon Run Road, hiked out to where the Finger Lakes Trail crosses the road, and took a left onto the trail. We walked out a ways, then turned back and crossed the road. Within a few steps of the road I finally found my Hepatica!








But I was MOST excited about finding my first ever purple one:


Click for an Article about Hepatica from the US Forest Service

11 thoughts on “Found!

  1. Hairy little plant ain’t it ? Is it a rare plant ?
    I looked it up and we have one kind in Nova Scotia.

    I’ll be on the lookout for it.

    Your photos are lovely.

  2. A blue one, too!! How very exciting. Brings back memories of spending warm spring days with my sister on the hepatica hunt through the forest, and of our delight in finding them year after year. Well done!

  3. Beautiful!

    “Hepatica is named from its leaves, which, like the human liver (Greek hepar), have three lobes,” sez Wiki. Last June up at Arrastre Creek in our local mountains I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of three Hepatic Tanagers, named for their reddish color. As neck-challenging, in their way, as your gorgeous Hepatica ;~)

    Can’t get over that purple one.

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