There are a couple of places at Allegany State Park where you can see ospreys on the nest.  These photos are from the approach to the Quaker Area of the park. There is another nest on the Red House side.

An instant before I took this picture, there were 2 birds on the nest. I wasn’t quick enough!

I only had my 18-55mm lens, so all these photos are cropped a LOT.

I had also never tried tracking a moving “target”. Most of my photos are of things that sit still and my biggest challenge is wind.

I didn’t change any camera settings. I just tried to follow the bird in flight and snapped away.

I was pretty surprised these turned out as well as they did, given the equipment and the challenges!

  • Osprey – Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Osprey – The Peregrine Fund

One thought on “Ospreys

  1. Wonderful pics. They get clearer and clearer.
    When did the Osprey get back ? I keep checking the nests in our area (of which there are several) but no sign yet.

    I watched one nest last year that successfully raised four chicks.

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