Cape Cod

It is a very long drive from where I live to the middle of Cape Cod, especially when slightly more than an hour of it must be done at 27mph (or slower). It is a beautiful place. I understand why everyone wants to go there. I can say without hesitation: I will never go there in summer. If the “off” season draws these kinds of crowds (this kind of traffic), I cannot imagine what the “high” season draws! Seems it would be brutal.

The BayWe spent a lovely few days. I had not been to a salt water shore for a very long time. There is something healing about it. I could have stayed on the sand forever exploring, watching the water come in and go out, the sun come up and go down, the shadows grow shorter and then longer again, making stone and shell collections, getting sun- and wind-burned.

Beach Grasses

I have spent the last 12 years as a naturalist. It is my job to know the names and stories of the things I encounter in the natural world and to share that with visitors. Now, I was a visitor – at a loss for what to call things. I am safe with “pebbles” and “shell” I suppose. Though a seaside naturalist would be able to tell you where the pebbles came from, the name of the species that once inhabited that shell and probably even the species that later made that shell a home base.

Pebbles Shell

A seaside naturalist would know the common names of the plants that live along the shore, and probably also the undersea ones that wash up on the shore.

Sea Stuff Sea Stuff - Closer

We watched more than one sunset over the bay. I know I become very contemplative when I watch the sun go down. This time, I wondered what thoughts were going through my kids’ heads.

Maddie, Phil, and Emily

Maddie Phil and Emily

4 thoughts on “Cape Cod

  1. Beautiful images. Yes, in the summer, you can hardly get around at all!! 25+ years ago I was a scuba instructor and we did our certification weekends at the Cape. It was almost impossible to get from one place to another even back then!! Glad you had an opportunity to get away! You don’t have to know the names of things to enjoy them, but it IS kind of frustrating when you don’t, isn’t it??

  2. If you ever get the chance, come to Nova Scotia. Mid-summer is just fine (avoid Peggy’s Cove then). We have miles and miles of shoreline and on the Bay of Fundy, tides up to 45 feet !!!

    Look me up when you come and I’ll take you to some of my favourite spots.

  3. I am a naturalist at heart, though I can’t even reliably identify Poison Oak. When I snorkel, I see fish. When I hike, I see rocks and shrubs and flowers. It does not bother me that I don’t know the names of stuff. But I do know the names and the heights of the mountains around me. I know how long the trails are. I know that Hawaii are the remotest islands on earth. I know how far many stars are away. The things we choose to know…

    The sunset picture of Maddie, Phile and Emily is excellent, both in composition, color and approach. It could work as a painting.

    Glad to find you back stirring this lingering blog.

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