Sunrise on the Cape

I rise early, stumble around in the dark, and sneak out as quietly as I can so as not to wake the others. I drive in the direction of the beach searching through the recesses of my gray matter for the instructions the Park Ranger gave me yesterday to a beach parking lot, wondering if I should have written them down. Not to worry. I arrive just in time. Pre-dawn.


Morning is my time, whether I am on the beach, in the woods, or sitting at home with my laptop and cup of Joe. I feel most alive at dawn. A few kindred spirits join me in welcoming a new day: a man who stays at the top of the stairs with his cup of Joe, a father and son who play in the gentle waves, a mom with two daughters – all three still in pajamas, a gull.


The interplay of stones and sand and water requires no color for its expression of dawn.


Or does it?



The sun climbs higher making irresistible shadows.



It will be a glorious, clear-blue day.



8 thoughts on “Sunrise on the Cape

  1. Jennifer, now I feel guilty for sleeping in. 😉 I live near the ocean in Nova Scotia, and I used to get up pre-sunrise to drive my daughter to work. On the way home, I’d drop by Rainbow Haven beach to watch the sun rise…

    Thanks for the nudge and the inspiration.

  2. I see sunrise off the deck in the morning, looking over ponderosa pines and high plains grasslands, I’d trade for ocean front a couple of days a week any time! Plane fare is a little pricey, so I will just have to settle for seeing yours. Gorgeous

  3. It’s all just as I remember it! Okay, maybe not, but at least I can enjoy the photos of what you did while the rest of us were sleeping!

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