The Perfect Nature Center

Hello, Dear Readers. Would you do me a favor?

At the Audubon Center where I work, we are in the midst of some serious strategic planning that will result in an updated Education Plan (that will lead to an updated Building and Grounds Plan, etc.)

Big Sugar Maple at AudubonThose of you who read this blog are an interesting mix of people – precisely the kinds of people we would love to have walking through the doors of the Center on a regular basis. So let me ask you: If you could design the perfect Nature Center FOR YOU – the one that would get you down there for walks, visits, and attending programs – what would it look like? What kinds of programs would lure you down? What kinds of events would you attend? What kinds of facilities would make you think of us – even for things not related to nature? What kinds of volunteer opportunities would you find most rewarding.

I’m not looking for “you-oughta” answers. I’m looking for intensely personal answers. What would get YOU down to a nature center?

If you want to answer confidentially to me, you can use this form. If you want other readers to see and possibly reply to what you’ve written, leave a comment.

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful responses.