Boots for Sale

Boots for Sale!!!

What was I thinking?  I never even looked at the tread!

These would be GREAT boots for someone who works in a factory!  The non-skid sole and oil-resistant finish would be perfection!  They are size 7.5.  I wore them one day at work and they were very comfortable.  They just don’t have a good enough tread for hiking, which is what I was looking for.  If you know someone who can use them, please, pass this along!!

They retail for $156.  You can get them for less on-line.  I”m willing to take $95 plus shipping.

You can see more info about the boot here:

I got them at an “all sales final” special and can’t return them.  Please buy them!


New (to me) Blog

In looking about the internet for inspiration, I ran across a new blog. Here’s a link to the article that hooked me, but I hope you’ll take some time to explore more of Margaret Emerson’s excellent writing:’ve-become-disconnected-from-nature/