Gray Sky Day

I badly needed a walk about… and I ended up spending an hour and a half out on the trails at Audubon before heading to my office.


You know I love winter, and this mild one has been disappointing to me. The temperature was in the high 40s and the ground was mushy. Still, there was a bit of ice on the pond… and you could see where the muskrats broke through it to get a breath of air.


As is often the case, the gray, wet day made for vibrant, saturated color.


Even the rootlets of the poison ivy drew my eye with their rich color.


And why is it that only the roses are dripping with water?


The weather forecast is for several more days of high 40s. I wonder if we’ll ever get a good, lasting snow this year…

6 thoughts on “Gray Sky Day

  1. Jennifer,thank you so much for the great photography you share on
    these pages.Like you I am strongly attracted to winter and this year
    I’m afraid my x-c skis and snowshoes will stay put. I would like one
    good snowy day to spend in either Wolf run or Cricks run in the park.
    The winter haters all think me as odd,it is good to know I’m not alone.
    Excelent web site keep up the good work — Throeau wolud approve.
    Woodswalker II

  2. Beautiful photos, Jennifer, and I appreciate the explanation of the hole in the ice. I would never have known how it came about. But what do the muskrats do when the ice is thick? Do they sometimes get trapped beneath? This is indeed a strange, mild winter.

  3. I’m glad I’ve encountered your post. Such great pictures that you posted. I admire the blending of colors in each picture. It reminds us that there is always something good to look forward to after a few days of gloomy weather. 🙂

  4. Hi!I am a big nature lover, and i got connected to your blog through mutual appreciation for it.I am glad to see all your pictures, they show a different perspective.I love the dripping rose branch snapshot.Eager for more……

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