I love Hepatica… one of our earliest spring blossoms. I often find in the woods close by… but always, only in white.


At Allegany State Park, I found a spot where you can find all kinds of colors ranging from the palest blue or pink to deeper shades, some even verging on purple. Here are a couple from my hike…



What’s Blooming?

I took an evening walk at JCC’s College Park to see what might be blooming (or about to bloom), given this very warm weather.

Click for larger images:

Audubon Morning

Wednesday “They” were predicting highs near 80.  Eighties in March just seems wrong. I opted for an early morning walk, instead of a lunchtime walk.  I took my camera – which slowed down my pace. Not as good a workout, but it was worth it.

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Winter’s Walk at the Gorge

I wasn’t altogether sure I was up for a hike today. I’ve been running myself ragged at work and with all my Women Create activities – to the point of being on the verge of a cold.  But, I mustered some energy and met my hiking buddies for a day at the Gorge.


Terry always makes me walk places that scare me.  It’s good for the heart.

We had to hug the wall of the gorge to get past the unusually high water.

Once we got past the scary part there were great photo opps:




We had a little fire to warm our hands and dry our gloves. (I only sort of melted mine.)


All in all, we had a blast… especially the dogs: