Wooly Beech Aphid

I learned about Wooly Alder Aphids a long time ago and wrote about them here.  I learned this week that Alder is not the only tree that has its very own aphid.  Beech trees can play host, too, to another species of wooly aphid.


Like all aphids, this variety has a piercing mouth part which it uses to get beneath the surface of the plant in order to suck juices.


Like other woolies, this variety carries waxy threads on its body.


According to one source, it is rare that an infestation is severe enough to do any real damage to the tree. I question that as it concerns our beech, already under attack by Beech Bark Disease (caused by a fungus introduced by a scale insect).

I’ve walked this woods frequently for a lot of years and never noticed this aphid before.  I will be curious to see what happens.

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5 thoughts on “Wooly Beech Aphid

  1. A couple years ago we noticed an amazing invasion of what looked like millions of pieces of fluff floating through the air on a Summer’s day. A bit of research led us to believe it was some sort of hemlock bug, but perhaps it was a wooly aphid?! They literally covered one of our small maples and destroyed it by sucking the sap out of it ( we cut it down) ; did not notice it in recent years…your site is very informative and enjoyable… I especially liked your beautiful wildflower photos!

  2. I just saw my very first woolly aphid since moving to the northern side of the country, and I find them completely fascinating! Great photos here! I hope things go well for your beech tree.

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