Last week, long time friend and dedicated Audubon volunteer Rick led a fieldtrip to Elk County, Pennsylvania.  Rick grew up in St. Mary’s where we stopped to meet his parents and take a pit stop!  Then it was on to the (relatively) new Elk County Visitor Center in Benezette, PA, designed by Jamestown architects at Habiterra.  (Click a photo for a larger view.)

We were at the visitor center for only about an hour and a half – not nearly enough time to see everything there.  I never got into the Discovery Room, nor the gift store.  I didn’t have time to read all the amazing interpretation, or take the green building tour.  Rick treated us to the 20-minute movie about Elk in the object theatre – a little bit corny, but worth every penny and every minute.  It is a multi-sensory experience.  If you go, be sure to include it in your plans.  I’d love to say more – but no spoilers here!

After the movie, we headed down to the Benezette Hotel for a fine dinner and conversation.  We also met Eric there.  Eric is employed as a wildlife technician who tags calves and puts radio collars on adult elk.  He had secured permission from his supervisor to take us on some of the back roads where the public is not generally allowed, so that we could get a close look at some elk.








It was a day I will not soon forget! Many thanks to Rick, Eric, and to all the participants who filled the Audubon van and made the day so special!

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