All the naturalists share one big office at Jamestown Audubon.  That means, we hear each other muttering to ourselves while working on projects.  When Jeff Tome was putting together the 2013 Natural History calendar, I overheard him muttering about how hard it was to find a good November picture.  “Everybody is out in October taking  fall foliage and other wonderful shots.  Then November comes, and people quit snapping.”

And so, I have been thinking… what says “November”?  What images embody the spirit of this month that stands between the riotous color of early autumn and the bright clean whiteness of winter?


At least that’s what caught my eye the other day when I was out hiking:  a wide variety of plants who move their seeds about by taking advantage of the wind.

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5 thoughts on “Fluffy

  1. In the UK we have our “bonfire night” celebration so calendars often fall back on a photo of fireworks or bonfires as “typical” of November. I much prefer your November choice, excelent.

    PS I came across your blog following a recommendation from http://nhgardensolutions.wordpress.com and will be following now.

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