A Difficult Winter

This winter has been rather challenging for me.  A fall back in December threw my spine out of alignment and that has caused all kinds of aches and pains.  It’s hard for me to follow doctor’s orders to rest and let things heal, especially in winter, my favorite season.  So I still attempt skiing and hiking… but I’m slow and it hurts.


Squirrel Activity Under the Spruces

Still, my last meander with the dogs through deep snow, once powdery, now sinking into a heavy wetness, while physically challenging, managed to lift my spirits, as walks in the woods so often do.


Snow, once light and fluffly, drapes heavily on branches that long for spring.

The creek tumbled over rocks, trying to ignore the snow.


The creek rushes on.

I am WinterWoman.  But honestly, I’m ready for spring.


I sort of feel like this: tattered, torn… but still hanging on…

There. I said it.

6 thoughts on “A Difficult Winter

  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. It’s been a rough winter for me too, and health issues have also slowed me down. But I feel the same way as you do – no matter what else I can or can’t do, I have to get to the woods for a hike. No matter how slowly I go, it lifts my spirits to be hiking and to see my dog having so much fun. I’m looking forward to your spring posts.

  2. There seems to be a lot of that going around this year-I know I’m ready for spring and I saw some skunk cabbage today, so nature is ready too. I can sympathize with you on your back pain. I’ve had it for years and I can’t think of a single time that I enjoyed it. Used to be when my back “went out” the docs said 7 days of bed rest, now they say it’s the worst thing you can do. Like you, I just keep on walking and walk through the pain. Hope you are done with it soon. Take care.

  3. Have you tried snowshoes?they eliminate the twisting and turning that is incured in deep snow and many times it is like walking on pavement when the snow hardens.Traveled to Florida for part of Feburary and missed part of winter,but was glad to return to my favorite time of the year. Take care and get well soon,spend as much time as possible outdoors,it’s the best
    therapy there is on earth.

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