Getting Lost… But not really.

Lolli and I were invited to go on a lengthy hike at Allegany State Park today. That kind of invitation is difficult to resist. As I was getting my pack ready, Lolli’s teeth were chattering in anticipation. She just loves to go on adventures.

We are in a state of transition between winter and spring. The weather forecast showed morning temperatures in the 20s with the promise of highs in the 50s. As we drove out, the depth of snow varied greatly depending on elevation and which direction the sun hit the curves of the hill (or ditch). We selected Holt Run for our hike and intended to try to hike the old road all the way to Cricks Run. Yeah. That didn’t happen.

Here’s what the day looked like at Holt Run:


And here’s how the dogs reacted to it:

Glock: Let’s play stick! Lolli: Let’s just run!

We followed another hiker’s footprints over to the edge of a beaver pond:


Along the trail, there were lots of beech and birch branches which had been buried. It looked like the warmer temperatures had melted them and released them from their frozen prison:


I should mention that Terry noticed them first and insisted that I give him credit as my creative consultant.

Lots of colors and textures caught my eye along the way.

Yellow Birch:

Branch Shadows on Rocks:

Ice in the creek:


There were plenty of tracks in the snow. Lots and lots of deer, which I didn’t photograph.  We were hoping to see bear, because we have on this trail before, but we didn’t.  I think these might be fisher tracks:


And these might be coyote:


I have no idea what critter climbed out of this:


We weren’t lost.  We consulted the map and we know exactly where we were… it just isn’t where we intended to go.  We eventually found the “road” we intended to hike, but we were too tired to try. We paid special attention to the landmarks and hope to be able to find it next time.

It was a beautiful day to be outside. Lolli is snoring on the couch.

18 thoughts on “Getting Lost… But not really.

  1. Holt run is nice but Cricks is just beautiful and is one of the most wild and primitive areas
    in ASP. Great photos Woodswoman, this is a part of the park that gets few visitors.

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