ASP- Day One

After visiting Rick’s Sugar House, I headed up to Fredonia where I got to spend some quality time with my friend Sue.  We visited the SUNY Fredonia studios and gallery.  Then Sue and I had dinner and drank (too much?) wine in front of the fire and talked and talked and talked.  Next day, after watching CBS Sunday Morning with my mom (as I do, weekly!) I headed out to Allegany State Park to spend a couple of days shooting some photos and working on other projects.

Lolli and I went for a hike along portions of the North Country Trail / Finger Lakes Trail.  It was this kind of day:


No long johns.
No jacket.
No hat.
No gloves.
No rain.
No clouds. (Well, a few.)
No snow. (Well, quickly melting.)

No schedule.
No cell phone.
No internet.
No voices. (Except those in my head.)

Oh my god. It is so beautiful.
Let the vacation begin. (Oops, I mean, continue.)

We went to the spring to fill our water bottles.

It was actually almost too warm. Lolli thought so. She lay down in the muck and moss.

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