American Hazelnut

I’m just so fascinated by American Hazelnut (or filbert). They are in bloom now in our region. I found several at Allegany State Park. They are in bloom at Audubon, where I work, too.

Here’s a large one I found at Allegany State Park

This is a wind-pollinated flower with both female and male parts on the same shrub.

The male parts, called catkins, produce pollen.

The female parts are pink!  They will receive pollen, delivered by the wind.

I don’t find a whole lot of them, but once in a while, you do see nuts on the shrubs:

American Hazelnut

They are in bloom now! Keep your eyes open for them!

8 thoughts on “American Hazelnut

  1. I have them on my place. I’ve kept a close eye on them in the fall in hopes of harvesting a few, but the critters always seem to get them before I can. Last year I checked them, found them to be unripe, and found them virtually all gone the next day.

  2. I feel I’ve taken a nature walk with you each time I read your posts. Thanks for all the photos and great write-ups.

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