Finally – a SPRING walk!

Yesterday was a perfect spring day. Sunny. Started cold. Ended in the 60s. I spent a lot of time in two of my favorite places for spotting spring wildflowers: Bergman Park and Jamestown Community College’s College Park.

When I got to Bergman, I discovered I had no camera card and the “wrong” lens. I walked anyway and found many of the same flowers that I would later photograph at College Park. But I also found Red Trillium and Leatherwood in bloom, which I did not find later.

Here’s my haul from College Park:

Cut-leaved Toothwort

Round-leaved Violet

I cropped to try to show you the inner parts:

I took a bunch of Spring Beauty, trying to show some with the stigma closed tight, and others with it open:

Spring Beauty

Colt’s Foot

a little white violet (not sure which species… so many violets!)

Blue Cohosh

Trout Lily


Marsh Marigold

Poor little beat-up Hepatica

There were also a LOT of Common Violets – but they were right by the road and the sun was too harsh, so I didn’t attempt a picture.

In addition, there was this new-to-me flower. I couldn’t find it in Newcomb’s, so I suspect it is not wild. It was at the base of an oak tree near the picnic pavilion along with some snow drops that were a little too far gone to photograph. If you know what they are, tell me!  (UPDATE:  My blogger friend over at New Hampshire Garden Solutions identified the following flower for me.  It’s called Siberian Squill. Thank you very much!)



There were leaves already up of other species that will be blooming soon! This year, Audubon is doing a series of wildflower classes and walks. I’ll be teaching about wildflower photography and leading a walk at College Park. Check out the series here:

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