Way Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch

The Ted Grisez Arboretum at Jamestown Audubon has a Pawpaw Patch!  I’ve written about it before – the year I learned what a Pawpaw is and actually tasted one.  Yesterday I took a stroll through the arboretum and found it blooming.  I was surprised by the flower whose petals remind me of Red Trillium.

It was late September when Sarah and I found the fruit…



…which we ate.

Pawpaws are Yummy and have cool Seeds


It is absolutely delicious with a smooth texture and flavors that make you think of banana and kiwi and mango.  It is described in some articles as the only “temperate tropical fruit” – a native to North America.

Range Map:
Pawpaw Range Map


We are at the northern-most part of its range.  It seems to be doing well in the arboretum.  It spreads by underground roots which is how a tree becomes a patch!

4 thoughts on “Way Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch

  1. Jennifer, after 30 years of marriage, you are still teaching me things. That’s a good sign! However, this whole pawpaw thing must fall under the category of “I hope it tastes better than it looks!” (Pretty flower though.)

  2. I used to eat pawpaws when I lived in Virginia. They grow along the Bull Run (which is a river) at the Manassas Battlefield Park, site of the famous Civil War battle. I used to go to that park a couple of times per month.

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