Quick Stroll

My job has kept me tied to the computer a lot lately.  Yesterday, I just had to get out, so I took a quick stroll out to the Big Pond Overlook.

Blue Vervain and Yarrow were both in bloom. Add some Bee Balm and you’d have a nice Independence Day bouquet!

Blue Vervain Yarrow

Both Swamp and Common Milkweed were blooming, too.

IMG_9684 Common Milkweed (and can you see the Monarch Egg?)

I looked for Monarch eggs or caterpillars, but found none. (The picture above was taken during a different stroll. Can you see the egg? on the leaf of the Common Milkweed on the right?)

When I got out to the overlook, there was a mama Red-Winged Blackbird scolding, “Check! Check! Check!” She had a worm dangling from her beak. I refused to leave until I saw where she would take it. Dad called from a tree just behind me. Finally, she headed to the nest and I heard her babies peep, “Feed me! Feed me!”

A family came up behind me and I got to teach the difference between the male and female and show them the nest.

Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged Blackbird Female

I returned to my desk amazed at how refreshed even a short walk can make me feel.

6 thoughts on “Quick Stroll

  1. I was sitting around thinking of all the reasons to avoid a hike today – bugs, heat, humidity, mud… Your post got me going, so thanks!

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