The hot weather is not my favorite. But it’s good for dragonflies!

There were tons of Meadowhawks in the field near the bird banding station.

Also in the field were Slender Spreadwings… so delicate!

Over on the bridge at Spatterdock Pond I spotted Eastern Pondhawks. It is easy to tell male from female by color. The males are blue and green, the females green and black.

There were also Dot-tailed Whitefaces. This one’s hind wing is a little tattered.

I also saw Common Whitetails, Twelve-spotted Skimmers, Blue Dashers, and Common Green Darners… but none of them would sit still for a portrait.

12 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  1. These are amazing pictures! I found a gorgeous dead one on the street outside the other day, and even though it sat very still for as long as I wanted I still couldn’t get a decent picture of it.

  2. Jennifer, what a coincidence! I just saw in my stats that somebody had come to my blog from your blog, so I came over to take a look and saw that you’d also just written about dragonflies. Great minds…lol. Although I have to say, your photos are much better than mine! (Here’s what I wrote if you want to see…http://natureismytherapy.com/2013/07/18/herps-and-odes-dragons-and-toads/). And by the way, thanks for including me in your blogroll, I appreciate that. 🙂

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