Fall Walk

The weather felt more like summer…  But the views were definitely autumnal.

Erlandson Overlook Park has a 1.2 mile loop that goes through mostly “new” forest with young trees.

There were lots of leaves with big water droplets on them.

Some of the leaves had pretty WILD colors!

There were critters… Most gave me a pretty hard time about being photographed. I had to hang over a bridge and hope the light would be ok and that he wouldn’t fly.

The turkey tail fungus was new and still very flexible and soft.

This little Red Eft gave me quite a run for my money.

This tiny Garter Snake was quite lively.

I brought this home and ate it with sharp cheddar and a glass of chardonnay.

The light was shining from behind this leaf and caught my eye from quite a ways down the trail.

There were LOTS of Wooly Bears munching their ways through the grass.

Lovely day!

3 thoughts on “Fall Walk

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