Holts Run Road… Again!

It’s new every time, because we hike it differently every time. This time, we went “backwards.” And by going backwards it was much easier to find the old Holts Run Road.


We followed it to the beaver pond that is close to Crick’s Run.


As we arrived, it started to snow. So pretty!


These tracks confused us. I think they must be fisher… but I don’t know for sure. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Holts Run Road… Again!

  1. Back many years ago there was an old Seneca medicine man by the name of “Rolling Thunder” who had a cabin at the head of Holts run.We looked for this spot over 40 years ago
    but never found the exact location.
    As for the tracks,they are probably fisher,in recent years the state has stocked these to
    control the porcupine population.The problem is they are decimating other game animals
    as well.

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