Pre-Mother’s Day Walk

Every year, Jamestown Audubon offers a Mother’s Day Walk at its Bentley Sanctuary off of Fluvanna Avenue near the Strunk Road exit of Route 86.  I like to go on the Saturday before to see what’s blooming, and try to capture some fresh shots that maybe we can use next year to advertise the walk.  Here’s what I got yesterday:

IMG_9193  IMG_9198
The Blue Cohosh was challenging because it was rather breezy!

Toothwort was valiantly competing with invasions of Garlic Mustard. I’m not sure I can say it is winning. But I did find several patches.

Marsh Marigolds were definitely the brightest flowers in the forest!

There were plenty of White Trillium – this one armed and dangerous with a Crab Spider waiting patiently for a would-be pollinator.

Red Trillium were fewer in number than white.

There were several large patches of Spring Beauties.

I also saw but didn’t photograph Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Solomon’s Seal (buds), Trout Lilies, Common Blue Violets, Yellow Violets, Garlic Mustard, Dandelions, Cuckoo Flower, and Speedwell. There were leaves of several other species that will bloom later including bellworts and False Hellebore. And of course there was a LOT of Skunk Cabbage!

I’ve been trying for years to get that magical fiddlehead picture. Here are some attempts:

IMG_9223 IMG_9262

This one is kind of fun:

Finally, a couple of fungi caught my eye for their texture:
IMG_9217 IMG_9248


Happy Mother’s Day!  Take a hike!

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