Poor Little Toad!

Took the dogs to Bentley today.  45 degrees.  Snow turning to slush. A little sublimation of snow directly to mist… Very pretty.

Bentley Sanctuary

Then we came upon this poor little muddy-faced guy. Alive. Cold.

American Toad

Toads should be underground or under logs at this time of year!  I found a log to tuck him under and covered him with leaves. Hope he survives!

American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus)

Last Autumnal Day?

November 11, 2014. 3:30pm. 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spatterdock Pond

Winterberry Holly Berries

IMG_2100      IMG_2127
Fern, Pond (algae, leaves)

Sweet Gum

IMG_2134      IMG_2100
Sweet Gum, Fern

Gorgeous day!  Forecast for tomorrow:  39.  And the next day:  33 with lake effect snow.

I better get my skis over to Hollyloft for a tuneup!

Lunchtime Walk-About

Tuesday was a day jam-packed with meetings.  A break at lunchtime between meetings afforded me a walk. It was a working walk – looking for potential volunteer projects for a small group that will be coming in next week. But plenty of time to be stopped by beauty.

Winterberry Holly

Grasses and Cattails

An Oak Leaf, Stuck in the Hemlock

Beech Leaves Catching a bit of Sun