Around Spatterdock Pond

One month ago today I leaned over to pick up my dog and toss her into the back seat of the car. Snap! My back went out! It’s been quite a month of doctor, chiropractor, and physical therapy appointments and exercises. I’m not fully recovered yet, but getting close! Today I walked one mile around Spatterdock Pond and felt real good about it! Of course my back is tired now, but hey… we’re getting there… Slow but sure!

Dogwood Skeletons
This is a color photo.

Ice and Reflections
Ponds were just starting to freeze.

Rushes and Reflections
Rushes were bent close to the water. And the sun started to come out just as I came near the end of the walk.

Pond Colors
The color in this pond stopped me in my tracks!

Sugar Maple
I can’t seem to walk by this tree without snapping a picture.

Happy December!

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