France Brook Road

It was a gray and rainy day, but we never let that stop us from a nice hike!  I took the opportunity to shoot a bunch of photos some of which might end up as my Assignment #2 for the photography class I’m taking at Jamestown Community College.

In winter, France Brook Road in Allegany State Park is closed to car/truck traffic and groomed for snowmobiles. We have learned that snowmobilers tend to sleep in and come out in the afternoon. So we had France Brook Road to ourselves most of the time. Toward the end of our walk, we waved at quite a few people on “sleds.”

It was a gray and rainy day. But I managed to find some color. Loved the aqua-colored lichen/moss/fungi? on the Red Pine behind this Beech, still clinging to leaves.

These Goldenrod were swaying in the breeze and the rain was thicker – almost snow!

I don’t know what species this tree is, but isn’t the green spectacular?

This bridge is closest to ASP2. The guardrail was covered with lichens.

I just loved the combination of colors and textures with this small Maple growing right up next to a Red Pine.

We discovered TWO trails that we didn’t know exist. We’ll be going back to see where they go! I suspect they are horse trails that go to one or the other of the Group Camps.

The color of the Willow was spectacular against the darker background. I love the layering of the hills.

This picture didn’t come out very sharp, but I like it anyway.

The branches of the Yellow Birch are so delicate against the sky. The little catkins add a nice touch.

5 thoughts on “France Brook Road

  1. Found your fantastic site last night while looking for canon camera pics in the Aditondacks, thank you I enjoy your writing .

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