Spring Wildflowers

Seems like forever since I crawled around on the forest floor taking wildflower pictures.  Here’s what I saw on a quick 1/2 hour walk at Jamestown Community College’s “College Park” today:

Trailing Arbutus:
IMG_4340 Trailing Arbutus
(OK, actually, this was over at Roger Tory Peterson Institute.)

Cut-leaved Toothwort:
IMG_4341 Cut-leaved Toothwort_1

IMG_4344 Hepatica

Yellow Violet:
IMG_4347 Yellow Violet

Sessile-leaved Bellwort (aka Wild Oats):
IMG_4350 Wild Oats

Marsh Marigold:
IMG_4358 Marsh Marigold

I’ve never had poison ivy before. If I’m going to get it, it will be today. I had to remove some “twigs” from around the Marsh Marigold. It wasn’t until I was done with my photographs that i realized what it was…

6 thoughts on “Spring Wildflowers

  1. The more you are exposed the more likely you are to get poison ivy. Take a shower with liquid tide BEFORE the rash starts and hopefully you can prevent it. I love your wildflower photos.

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