More Spring Wildflowers – JCC’s College Park

Thank you, Barbara, for making me “pay up” on my promise to take you on a wildflower walk.  And thank you, Kathleen, for joining us.  I think we made quite a (digital) haul!  I’m listing only the stuff we saw blooming.  There were also leaves of things that have already bloomed, and leaves of things that have not yet bloomed!

In no particular order:

  1. Dandelion
  2. Colt’s Foot
  3. Speedwell
  4. Ground Ivy
  5. Common Violet
  6. Another paler violet
  7. One of the Yellow violets
  8. Sweet White Violet
  9. Toothwort
  10. Cut-leaved Toothwort
  11. Wild Strawberry
  12. Myrtle
  13. Marsh Marigold
  14. Rosy Bells
  15. Solomon’s Seal (buds)
  16. False Solomon’s Seal (nearly open!)
  17. Wild Oats
  18. Squirrel Corn
  19. Dwarf Ginseng
  20. Goldthread
  21. Spring Beauty – Caroliniana
  22. Spring Beauty – Virginica
  23. Red Trillium, including a white one!
  24. White Trillium
  25. Wild Geranium
  26. Blue Cohosh
  27. Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  28. Foam Flower (just starting to break out of the buds)
  29. Trout Lily
  30. Barren Strawberry
  31. American Fly Honeysuckle
  32. Forget-Me-Not

Here are a few pictures:

I’m not sure of the species. It is paler than the Common Violet.
IMG_4413 - Pale Violet

IMG_4415 - Forget-Me-Not

Red Trillium
IMG_4447 - Red Trillium

The White Red Trillium
IMG_4464 - White Red Trillium

White Trillium
IMG_4467 - White Trillium

Wild Geranium
IMG_4473 - Wild Geranium

This doesn’t count because it was berries, not flowers, but we also saw Partridge Berries and Wintergreen.

IMG_4410 - Wintergreen

You can see a slideshow of all the pictures by clicking here. (Well, you can see some of the ones that turned out, anyway.)

5 thoughts on “More Spring Wildflowers – JCC’s College Park

  1. I love your photography and admire your knowledge of nature. I’m impressed that you can name all of these wildflowers…maybe that will motivate me to start learning them! Lovely blog all around.

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