Panama Rocks

I got to spend Mother’s Day at Panama Rocks with my family.

IMG_4542 Mother's Day 2015

It’s not an easy place to photograph. If it is a sunny day, the contrasty light makes it very challenging. It was quite sunny when we arrived, but clouds rolled in as our hike continued.

IMG_4490 My Girls

It was a hot day. But the rocks still held on to winter’s cold… quite literally in some spots where there was still ice.

IMG_4510 Panama Rocks

Even though my girls are in their early 20s, they adopted the spirit of 6-year-olds to do the park’s scavenger hunt.

IMG_4545 Emily IMG_4523 - Fat Man's Misery - Maddie

The hunt teaches both natural and human history.

IMG_4576 overhead opening

I didn’t really attend much to the facts. I was too entranced by the rocks and trees and play of light.

IMG_4549 Tree on Rock IMG_4567 Passage

IMG_4604 nice scene

IMG_4579 Through to the Light IMG_4598 Ice

Maddie was most excited by the scavenger hunt and did find the the treasure in the end!

IMG_4607 - Found the Treasure!

It was a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Thank you!

IMG_4584 - Painted Trillium

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