Stay-cation – Day 2

After coffee and some delicious home-baked apple muffins, we hit the road for a couple of not-too-far-away nature-y places.  First, the Alder Bottom Wildlife Management Area – where I took a very random assortment of pictures.

IMG_6492Alder Bottom

IMG_6424Northern Crescent
Northern Crescent

IMG_6432 White Pine at Alder Bottom
Big Old White Pine

IMG_6440Blister Beetle
Blister Beetle

IMG_6469Bear Scat
Bear Scat

This picture was just down the road from the parking area:
IMG_6495 Alder Bottom

Next stop was Chautauqua Gorge.

IMG_6521 Maple branches reflected in Creek
I take way too many pictures of reflections in the water… or shadows in the water…

IMG_6542 Crystal Clear Waters

…or leaves in the water.

IMG_6531Leaves on the Creek

IMG_6534 Reflections on the Creek

IMG_6540 Autumn in the Creek

IMG_6599 Gorge Abstract - Reflections in Creek

IMG_6626 Leaves and Waterfall

IMG_6632 Leaves in the Rushing Water


And then there are the rocks…

IMG_6566 Rock Detail

IMG_6621 Fossil

IMG_6649 Fossil

The forest provides lots of interesting images, too.

IMG_6535Red Maple Leaf in Ironwood Tree

IMG_6567 Banks

IMG_6592 Running Strawberry Bush
Running Strawberry Bush

IMG_6554 mushrooms on mossy log

IMG_6622 Precisely Punctured

IMG_6617 Christmas Fern
Christmas Fern

IMG_6556Leaves in the Grass

IMG_6559 on the banks at the gorge


IMG_6500 Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel

IMG_6502 Witch Hazel Shadow
Also Witch Hazel

IMG_6518 Lichen

We also drove up to Luensman Overview Park – just for a look, not for a hike.

IMG_6659Luensmann Overview Park

On the way back to Kat’s for dinner, followed by “art crimes” we stopped by a beaver pond on Stebbins Road. I took a lot of pictures, but got stuck in the processing on this one:

IMG_6677 Stebbins Road Beaver Pond Color
It’s upside down.

Then I turned it Black and White, just for fun:
IMG_6677 Stebbins Road Beaver Pond BW

There are many more pictures from that place… but that’s all I’ve processed so far…

Roast Beef dinner followed by collage-making rounded out the evening. (Maybe I should scan/photograph my masterpiece…)

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