Stay-cation – Days 3-4-5-6

When Stan came in from the barn, he reported mist over the hills.  So we did what any self-respecting photographer would do:  We went outside in our pajamas to shoot the mist!

IMG_6728 Morning Mist over the Pasture BW

I stole this photo from my friend’s Facebook page. It’s a picture of me taking a picture of her:


After breakfast it was off to Panama Rocks.

IMG_6732 Rocky Path

IMG_6763Autumn Leaves

IMG_6778 Rocks and Beech

IMG_6788 Beech Leaves

IMG_6799 Pile of Rocks BW

I think I like the color one better:

IMG_6799 Pile of Rocks Color

IMG_6805 Rocks and Beech

A college professor of mine happened along the trail as I was getting ready to take this next shot. He saw me removing twigs and leaves so that the fern could stand alone with out distractions. He asked, “What are you doing??” I said, “Tidying up.” He said, “But nature is untidy.” I said, “Perhaps. But sometimes I don’t want untidy pictures.”

Do you tidy up before taking pictures?

IMG_6836 Curved Fern

IMG_6839False Solomon's Seal

IMG_6844Light Through the Trees_1

I wrote a haiku for the next one:

Resting in branches
before drifting to the ground
to become the soil.

IMG_6852 Maple Caught by Beech

IMG_6861 Ice Crevice from Above

IMG_6864 Watch Your Step

IMG_6865 Rock Jumble

IMG_6868 Patches of Light

IMG_6871 Panama Rocks Scene

IMG_6873 View from the Top

After hiking the Rocks, we enjoyed a picnic before heading to the Nature Center. My friend does some naturalist work where she lives and wanted to see the place where I work. We led a walk for some teens from an after school STEM program, then went to mom’s to grill some hamburgers for dinner.

I didn’t end up taking any more pictures…

Day 4: We made art in the morning, then headed to town for lunch at The Pub. We visited the 3rd on 3rd and Dykemann Young galleries. Then we headed to Deb’s house for a journal-making class and quiche for dinner.

Day 5: I slept in at mom’s while Kat and Mavis toured the woods behind the farm. Then it was a driving tour of Clymer/Sherman and a visit with Kat’s mom. After that, I took Mavis to Wegmans where we bought ingredients for dinner: Pork tenderloin rubbed with rosemary, lavendar, and garlic, roasted vegetables, and salad. Several rounds of Bananagrams ensued before bed.

Day 6: I learned where the Erie train station is when I took Mavis to continue her Northeast adventure. Home in time for CBS Sunday Morning and laundry and football and snoozing through 60 Minutes.

So so fun… and exhausting. Not sure I’ve caught up on sleep yet.

7 thoughts on “Stay-cation – Days 3-4-5-6

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed all the stops on your Stay-cation. I would have happily joined you at all of them — including the [one not to be] “mist” in my pajamas. And those rocky outcroppings are especially intriguing. As a kid, we used to love to play among such.

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