Browns Hollow / Wolf Run Road – 4.3 Miles

Browns Hollow Wolf Run Road Loop

I’m always looking for loop hikes. I’ve hiked this one 3 times in the last month. Well, that’s not exactly true. The first time, we were searching for it. The second time, I hiked it out Wolf Run and back Browns Hollow. The third time, we went out Browns Hollow and back on Wolf Run Road.

This trail is inside of Allegany State Park, but not any of the areas that are on the park maps.

The Wolf Run Road area was a busy saw mill community in the 1800s.  I imagine all the hillsides were “shaved” off as all the usable timber was harvested and farms were established.  It wasn’t until the 1920s and later that reforestation projects were undertaken.

As you hike today, you sometimes come across remnants of the hand of man in the park.

IMG_7072 Brown Run Creek
The Creek in Browns Hollow

IMG_7075 Foundation
I can’t imagine what this structure might have been used for. Here are more views of it:

IMG_7079 Hardware

IMG_7083 Wall and Windows

IMG_7087 Foundation

This stump was interesting:
IMG_7091 Stump

Views of the creek and the old road:
IMG_7097 Brown Run Road

IMG_7099 Concrete in the Creek

IMG_7100 Road and Creek

Did you notice this in the previous photo?
IMG_7103 Rock Art in Tree

We recognized this fork from the first time we got “lost” in this area:
IMG_7104 Fork in the Creek

The road climbs toward the North Country / Finger Lakes Trail:
IMG_7113 Brown Road

The section between mile 2 and 3 is very muddy and slippery. It gets a little better when you are back on Wolf Run Road. Here’s a few just before coming out of the woods and into the more open area:
IMG_7134 Wolf Road

All along Wolf Run Road, you can see places where there must have been homes, businesses, and even a school.

IMG_7137 Apple Tree

This is my favorite picture from the last hike:
IMG_7144 Tree Skeletons

The end…

6 thoughts on “Browns Hollow / Wolf Run Road – 4.3 Miles

  1. The old cement walls in the picture are part of the barn belonging to the Brown family whose
    home was across the trail on the south side.At the top of the ridge there is an USGS marker
    stating The “Brown farm”.this is on the highest point between Brown run and Peters run.
    If you look closely along the trail,you can see where the old farmhouse used to be it is framed
    by some very tall spruce trees.Several years ago [65] I can remember being able to drive up
    Wolf run road and cross the PA.line going down into Coon run.

    • Thank you for the history!! I know exactly where the VERY tall spruce trees are. I’ll have to poke around for the house foundation. I was also thinking of heading to that USGS marker one of these days.

      email: website:

      On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 10:04 PM, A Passion for Nature wrote:


  2. Wonderful pictures! I love seeing the remains of old buildings after nature has reclaimed them – thanks for sharing these!

    – Cynthia

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