A Healing Walk

Came home from Colorado with a cold.  Spent the week taking it as easy as I could and still go to work (or work from home).  Sunday (no hunting allowed in the Park) was a day to clear out my lungs!

Only walked about 3 miles.  It was enough.  It was gorgeous!

DSC00441 Frosty Morning

I took more photos, but this is the only one I liked!

Checked several trees for Hemlock Wooly Adelgids.  Found none!  Whoo-hoo!

10 thoughts on “A Healing Walk

  1. Just saw your Blurb book, Myopia, which I like very much. It’s hard to read the tiny print, but I think we had very similar experiences regarding eyeglasses and nearsightedness, and I too absolutely love looking at things really closely. (And I somehow missed the obvious connection there) My memory involves going to an eye doctor in downtown Syracuse with my mother when I was maybe 9, and being awestruck by the clarity and brilliant colors of the world, holding the glasses up and to my eyes and taking them away over and over. We certainly have some parallel experiences!

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