2nd Attempt

I’ve gotten it into my head that I want to find the USGS marker at the top of the hill that is labeled “Brown.”  All I have to go on is this US Topo map:

Mark on Topo

The first time we tried to get there, we came up Browns Hollow Road and intended to try following the ridge around to the marker.  But it was late, I was sick, blah blah blah…

Yesterday, we tried again.  This time, we came up from the NY-PA line – a steep 1.1 miles along the North Country Trail.

DSC00543Terry at Sign

We pulled out the topo map and compass to take a bearing and headed toward … something.  We didn’t even really know what we were looking for.

Part way in, we found that someone had marked trees with paint!

DSC00547Paint Spots on Tree

The markings were pretty inconsistent.  Some squares, some circles.  Sometimes gray, sometimes white, sometimes blue.  We abandoned the compass and map and decided to follow the paint, believing they would take us to the marker.  Why else would there be paint on trees?

Along the way, we saw some fun evidence of animals.

DSC00546Mouse or Squirrel Activity

This hole in the tree was too small for a squirrel.  There were lots of mouse tracks on the snow, so that’s my guess.

We also found some Pileated Woodpecker action:

DSC00549Pileated Woodpecker

Eventually, we stopped for lunch.  When we started up again, the paint marks that were in the same general direction that our compass had originally pointed us ended.  We backtracked to this marker:

DSC00548Big Turn

And there we found a sharp turn going in the opposite direction we thought we should be going.  We wanted to follow to see where it goes, but the sun was setting, so we retraced our steps back to the car instead.

It was a really nice hike… even though we never found the marker.  Here it is, on Map My Hike:


We’ll try again, no doubt.

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