13 – Leonard Run AND 14 – Christian Hollow

In our quest to complete the Allegany 18 Challenge this summer, Emily and I picked two trails in the Art Roscoe Ski/Bike System.

Both Leonard Run and Christian Hollow start at a junction that is .9 miles from the parking area. So, even though the Leonard Run loop is 2.9 miles and the Christian Hollow loop 1.7 miles, we walked a total of 6.5 miles to complete these two loops.


Emily and Gretchen on Leonard Run


I can never resist a photo of a Red Eft!


It’s pretty in green (but I prefer to ski it in white).


Proof we walked Trail #13 – Leonard Run


Proof we walked Trail #14 – Christian Hollow


My friend, Sue, told me there was a new leanto along Christian Hollow. But I forgot about it until we came upon it. Beautiful!


Fairies seem to have set up a permanent encampment here, too.

It was warm an humid and rain was in the forecast. In fact, we got sprinkled on during the last quarter or half mile of our walk. Luckily we were in the car when the torrential downpour started!

Our hike:

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