#6 Beehunter Trail

Our tenth hike in the Allegany 18 Challenge was #6, Beehunter. The weather was perfect, the bugs were minimal. Gretchen, the dog, did find a ground bee nest and got stung in the process, though.

The trail has a lot of variety. It crosses a creek or two. There are uphill climbs and descents, but a lot of level hiking, too. We parked at the picnic area near Red House Lake and walked over the grassy field to enter the trail (where the sign claimed the trail is 5.5 miles long). (The sign at the other end was more accurate, claiming 6.5 miles. The GPS says we walked 6.2.)

As with many of my other hikes this summer, there were lots of different fungi. I didn’t photograph very many different kinds. Also saw lots of stinging nettle and bee balm. There was a blow-down near the middle of the trail we had to pick our way through/around. I appreciated the cairns at the creek, because the the original fording place had logs down and the water was deep there. The cairns pointed out a better place to cross.


The Hike:

Distance: 6.2 miles
Duration: 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 21 seconds
Average Speed: 1.5 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1425 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2217 feet
Total climb: 1060 feet
Total descent: 1061 feet

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