#16 – Flagg Trail

After hiking the Conservation Trail in the morning, we decided to also “bag” this one in the afternoon. We checked the Cain Hollow end of the trail so we would know where we would be coming out. That trail head sign said the trail is 3 miles long. We parked on the Quaker Beach side of the trail where the sign proclaims it is a 1.3 mile trail.

We had a bit of trouble finding the actual trail. Trees and branches sort of hide it. If you go, don’t go up the road past the Road Closed sign. That’s not the trail. 🙂

The Quaker side of the hill is quite pleasant and woodsy. The Cain Hollow side turns brushy, claustrophobic, muddy, and… well, unpleasant. We opted to return to the car by walking the road and ended up hiking a total of 3.2 miles, according to the GPS.

We never found the carved #16, so our selfie is next to one of the blue trail markers.

Because it was afternoon, sections of the road were shaded and we rested in the shade a couple of times. There is a spot through some hemlocks where you can get to the water’s edge. Gretchen enjoyed a drink and a swim in Quaker Lake.


The Hike:

Friday, August 14, 2020 2:16 PM EDT
Distance: 3.2 miles
Duration: 1 hours, 59 minutes, and 25 seconds
Average Speed: 1.6 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1389 feet
Maximum Elevation: 1770 feet
Total climb: 492 feet
Total descent: 519 feet

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