Dragonfly Eggs

One of the most common searches causing hits on my blog is “dragonfly eggs” which takes readers to this post.  Today, I wanted to show you some pictures taken by Suzette A. Paduano, a high school classmate of mine, a Flickr Friend, and a fellow member of the Audubon’s Photography Club. It was the June 12th […]

Dragonfly Eggs

Well… I wrote a couple of weeks ago about  how WordPress tells you what people are typing into search engines to find your site.  “Dragonfly eggs” is a big one that sends people to me.  Up until today, I only had one picture of dragonfly eggs.  Today, I am happy to report, I have more. […]

Top Ten

After reading Seabrooke’s post about her most popular posts for 2009, I decided to check my WordPress stats, just for the heck of it… Here are the top ten searches that drove people to my blog over the 365 days ending today (January 16, 2010).  The number in parentheses is the number of searches. currant […]

Dragonfly Sex

One of the cool things about WordPress is that it tells you what people typed into a search engine to find your blog.  Somebody out there has been typing “dragonfly eggs” for the past couple of weeks and finding me…  but I’m sure they have been disappointed.  Up until now, I have had posts about […]