Annual New Year’s Day Hike

It has become my tradition to be outside on January 1.  This year found me in the company of two old friends and one new friend – only one of whom is two-legged.  Old friends Terry (2-legged) and Lolli (4-legged) joined me to introduce Terry’s Puppy (4-legged and still without an Official Name) to the […]

New Year’s Day Walk

Seems like every year I take a walk on New Year’s Day.  This year, it was with Emily and Lolli just up in the woods behind the park.  We took Emily’s camera – a pocket-sized point and shoot and snapped a few shots: (What do you think of my new hat.  Terry bought it for […]

What is this Stuff?

I wrote on New Year’s Day about a hike to a spot in southwestern New York where there used to be an orphanage. Now, only the foundations of the buildings remain. There is a plant growing all around the site that I haven’t been able to identify. We took a few cuttings and I put […]

First Hike of 2014

My first hike of 2014:  Allegany State Park, of course.  We started on Coon Run Road, heading out the Fire Tower Trail.  Somewhere before we reached Willis Creek, we needed coffee and donuts.  Here was the view from our log: Once we crossed Willis Creek, we headed upstream, bushwhacking at first… but then finding the […]

Fire and Ice

We were ready to rest, to drink hot chocolate, and to eat sandwiches.  We coaxed a fire out of frozen wood not because we were cold but because fires are delightful, mesmerizing, hypnotic… Chautauqua Gorge is layer upon layer of sedimentary rock that has been carved by the Chautauqua Creek.  The density of brown lines on […]

Fungi Fanatic

I only set out to find the varieties mentioned in Donald Stokes’ A Guide to Nature in Winter.  I found most of those.  And now I keep finding more!  Yesterday, I spent most of the daylight hours in Chautauqua Gorge.  While my eye was drawn by many things, most of my photos were of fungi… […]