It’s Official

Spring Peeper by Jeremy MartinMy gallbladder is gone.

Many thanks to all my friends and family who are being so good to me and so supportive.  But special thanks to Concetta who called me at the hospital from the side of the road near a pond so that I could l hear the Awesome Spring Peepers while I was recovering!

Thanks also to Jeremy Martin who might not know that I used his picture here (again)!


Spotted Salamander

It wasn’t the biggest night that I’ve ever observed… but there were Spotted Salamanders in our vernal pool last night…  I was a little disturbed to see this big fellow:


Snapping Turtle


Do Snapping Turtles eat Spotted Salamanders?  I know they eat the eggs!

I’d tell you more… but I’m running late for our Volunteer Appreciation Pancake Breakfast.  And I’m one of the cooks!