New (to me) Blog

In looking about the internet for inspiration, I ran across a new blog. Here’s a link to the article that hooked me, but I hope you’ll take some time to explore more of Margaret Emerson’s excellent writing:’ve-become-disconnected-from-nature/

Dave’s Been at it Again

Check out Dave Bonta’s latest poems. Notice at the bottom of this one – Red Trillium, he has added navigation – so you can click back to Spring Beauties and forward to Painted Trillium.

I’m just so excited about this collaboration that I’m going back to my photos to see if I have more! (Poor Dave… I’ll work his poetry-writing brain cells to exhaustion!)

So Excited

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

I had this vision of a book – hand made by my friend Deb Eck –

Graduation Book 02

containing my photos of wildflowers

Spring Beauty

punctuated with poems by poet Dave Bonta.

Prim pink pinstripes
beckon from the wet soil
beside the creek. But like
most beauties, they’re choosy
about their suitors,
unmoved except by just
the right bee visiting
in just the right order:
one day they hokey-
poke their stamens out;
the next, it’s the anther’s turn.
Petals close even for a cloud.
And when flowering’s done,
they do their best
to pass for grass.
Who wouldn’t be wary
with such a large
& edible heart?

And so it begins!…

Deb’s blog:
Dave’s blog:

Top Ten

Three Jars of Currant Jelly on the Floor in the SunAfter reading Seabrooke’s post about her most popular posts for 2009, I decided to check my WordPress stats, just for the heck of it…

Here are the top ten searches that drove people to my blog over the 365 days ending today (January 16, 2010).  The number in parentheses is the number of searches.

  1. currant jelly (642)
  2. dragonfly eggs (523)
  3. dragonfly sex (206)
  4. poison sumac (181)
  5. edible wild berries (176)
  6. little snakes (160)
  7. wildflower identification (143)
  8. porcupine scat (122)
  9. what eats milkweed (115)
  10. musclewood (107)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you’ve had a love-filled day.

Well, as you are probably figuring out, I just can’t stop creating blogs.  As I learn more about the platform, and I explore what others are doing with it, I just keep getting more and more ideas.

Animals of Western New YorkMy latest one is geared at the folks who help us lead thousands of school children on field trips at the Center…  It’s called “Animals of Western New York”.  It might also be helpful to students and teachers in our region.

I plan to feature animals that our visitors are most likely to see when walking our trails in April-May-June – our heaviest fieldtrip season.  I will try to include a few relevant facts (the ones kids seem to ask the most about), as well as some tips for walk leaders on activities and lessons they can do related to each animal.

Give it a look, and let me know what you think: