Super Moon Eclipse

Mom and I stayed up late to watch the Super Moon Eclipse – the first one since 1982* and not to happen again until 2033.

Earlier in the day, we weren’t too hopeful, based on the hourly forecast we kept checking on Accuweather. ┬áBut when moonrise time came, the skies were clear!

IMG_6133 Moon

Before the eclipse could get under way, though clouds started to roll in and we figured our chances were dashed.

IMG_6167 Clouds Moving In

IMG_6171 Branch

But then, just in time for the “show,” it cleared again. We watched the whole slow-motion progression as the shadow gradually came over the face of the moon, turning from a brilliantly white orb to orange-red.

IMG_6221 Almost Fully Eclipsed

Clouds rolled in again once the moon was fully eclipsed, and we decided to go to bed, rather than hope to see the unveiling. It was a beautiful thing!

*Hey Girl Scout Friends: Weren’t we all snuggled in sleeping bags on the deck of Bellinger Lodge watching the last one? Where shall we meet in 18 years to view the next one?