Creative Slump

Our photo club assignments for January and February are snow and barns.  I went out for a short walk Saturday with my camera, hoping to be inspired by something I saw…  But I just kept thinking… I already have lots of shots of snow and a few of a barn that I already like… Maybe I could cheat and use those…

That’s not the point of the assignment!  The point is to take new shots between meeting times – to force ourselves to try new things…  I must have been in too foul a mood to find new angles, ideas…

New “snow” shot:
White Spruce 2

Old “snow” shot:
Breaking Trail

New “barn” shot:
Boat Barn

Old “barn” shot:
Old Barn 4

I just like my older stuff better…  Guess I better get out there again and try something different…

Bodies Know

Spring, You Crack Me Up!I checked my Sit Spot Journal…  As early as March 1st I was already complaining of fatigue.  Did I listen?  Did I turn that into changed behavior?  No!  I continued to work my 40 hours per week, take care of family and friends, do my Sit Spot challenge, host a cast party, go see a play that started at 8pm when my regular bedtime is 9pm, drive 8 hours to pick up my daughter, etc., etc., etc…

This week, I pay.  My body said, “I know how to make you listen!  Take this!”  And on came the chills and fever.  “And that!”  Wracking cough.  Stuffy head.  “And a little bit of this!”  Runny nose.

And so, my colleagues are covering for me at work.  And I’m sleeping a lot.

If only I had listened before it got to this…