(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Turkey Parade
Turkey Parade on Field East of Route 62, Kiantone NY

I’ve been thinking a lot about signs lately…  I like the one in this picture better than the “Posted: No Trespassing” variety.  In case you can’t read the tiny writing, it says, “Wildlife Safety Zone”.

A Little Rant…

I try to be pretty upbeat and postive in my blog.  I believe that when you put positive energy into the world, you are rewarded with positive experiences.  So forgive me for this little rant…

Before I get into it, understand that I have nothing against hunting.  Especially deer hunting!  Deer in our parts have no natural predators anymore.  We rely on human hunters to keep populations in check.  In fact some areas are so overpopulated with deer that the habitat suffers.

My rant is against hunters who sidestep the law and disrespect the property of others.  Yesterday, I took my dog to the Girl Scout property to hike, knowing that it is a designated wildlife sanctuary, it is posted, and there would (supposedly) be no hunting.  (It is archery season… shotgun begins November 17.)

Wildlife Sanctuary?

I’m sure it is hard to see in this small version of the photo.  Click on it to see a larger version.  There is a deer stand and a pile of apples to entice deer to visit…  I would like to believe that someone set this up to create an opportunity to photograph deer.  Given that a few years back we found a bear trap on the property – set and ready to spring on some poor Girl Scout’s leg – I’m guessing the stand is for shooting deer with other than a camera…

Why can’t people follow the rules?