#1 – Tuscarora Fire Tower Trail

Emily, Sue, and I (and Gretchen and Bella) checked off the Fire Tower Trail today. We were happy to have Sue and Bella along, not ONLY because they provided a 2nd vehicle so we didn’t have to walk back to our car. Sue always makes pleasant conversation. And Bella and Gretchen, if not fast friends now, at least tolerated one another.

Only 3 more to go on the Allegany 18 Challenge!


The Hike:

Hey Look! I figured out how to embed a map on the new WordPress editor! I wonder if I will remember it for the next one???

#9 – FLT/NCT – Part 3

Day 3 of the FLT section that goes through Allegany State Park. Today’s section was from ASP #1 to Bay State Road. It was definitely the prettiest section of this trail. Many huge, old trees.


The Hike:


Distance: 5.9 miles
Duration: 4 hours, 8 minutes, and 28 seconds
Average Speed: 1.4 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1374 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2273 feet
Total climb: 523 feet
Total descent: 1367 feet

#9 – FLT/NCT – Part 2

Today we hiked from Coon Run Road to ASP Route #1. One more section to go! This hike is bringing up memories from 2009 when I did the trail as a backpacking trip with “me lasses.” (click here for that story)

Tomorrow, we’ll finish Trail #9 in the Allegany 18 challenge and then we’ll have just 4 more trails to complete!


The Hike:


Friday, August 21, 2020 9:41 AM EDT
Distance: 7.2 miles
Duration: 4 hours, 26 minutes, and 50 seconds
Average Speed: 1.6 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1612 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2271 feet
Total climb: 1080 feet
Total descent: 480 feet

#9 – FLT/NCT – Part 1

Trail #9 in the Allegany 18 Challenge is the 21 mile section of the Finger Lakes Trail (Map #1) / North Country Trail that goes from Route 346 in PA to Bay State Road in Allegany State Park.

Today, we hiked 8.5 miles of the trail (9 if you count the detour to the mysterious horseshoe-shaped stone thingy).


The Hike:

Well, WordPress changed the editor and I don’t know how to embed hikes any more. Here’s the link:


Thursday, August 20, 2020 9:59 AM EDT
Distance: 9.1 miles
Duration: 6 hours, 1 minutes, and 52 seconds
Average Speed: 1.5 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1375 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2088 feet
Total climb: 1508 feet
Total descent: 1243 feet

#16 – Flagg Trail

After hiking the Conservation Trail in the morning, we decided to also “bag” this one in the afternoon. We checked the Cain Hollow end of the trail so we would know where we would be coming out. That trail head sign said the trail is 3 miles long. We parked on the Quaker Beach side of the trail where the sign proclaims it is a 1.3 mile trail.

We had a bit of trouble finding the actual trail. Trees and branches sort of hide it. If you go, don’t go up the road past the Road Closed sign. That’s not the trail. 🙂

The Quaker side of the hill is quite pleasant and woodsy. The Cain Hollow side turns brushy, claustrophobic, muddy, and… well, unpleasant. We opted to return to the car by walking the road and ended up hiking a total of 3.2 miles, according to the GPS.

We never found the carved #16, so our selfie is next to one of the blue trail markers.

Because it was afternoon, sections of the road were shaded and we rested in the shade a couple of times. There is a spot through some hemlocks where you can get to the water’s edge. Gretchen enjoyed a drink and a swim in Quaker Lake.


The Hike:

Friday, August 14, 2020 2:16 PM EDT
Distance: 3.2 miles
Duration: 1 hours, 59 minutes, and 25 seconds
Average Speed: 1.6 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1389 feet
Maximum Elevation: 1770 feet
Total climb: 492 feet
Total descent: 519 feet

#10 Conservation Trail

This is a very pretty trail. It starts near the Administration Building on the Red House side of Allegany State Park just past where the outdoor museum is located. Gretchen managed to get stung by a bee again, and stuck her nose down another hole of bees, but outran them, dragging us along.

I don’t typically hike in summer because of… well, bees for one, and also heat and other bugs. So I had never seen a trillium fruit before. That was a cool find.

The trail is pretty well marked and a portion of it is also part of the Finger Lakes / North Country Trail system, which we plan to hike next week. So… we’ll see that section again.

I often forget to turn my GPS on at the car. It claims we walked 5 miles. Actually, it was a tad bit longer.


The Hike:

Distance: 5.0 miles
Duration: 3 hours, 26 minutes, and 11 seconds
Average Speed: 1.5 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1468 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2125 feet
Total climb: 789 feet
Total descent: 842 feet

Another Wolf Run Meander

Most of the time when we hike Wolf Run, we explore south of Wolf Run Road. Recently I heard of the possibility of finding foundations and other signs of human activity on the north side, so that is where we meandered.

Google Maps shows a road labeled simply “Allegany State Park” that forks off from Wolf Run Road. You could walk right by it if you didn’t have a GPS telling you where to turn, or a piece of orange ribbon placed there by some other explorer.

Near the end of the road, we found a few artifacts, but no foundations. Maybe in early spring we’ll come back when there aren’t so many plants.

From the road’s end, we headed toward Wolf Run Creek which we followed to the bridge (part of the Finger Lakes / North country Trail), then returned to the truck by way of the road. We walked almost 5 miles… but you will see if you examine the Google Map link below, we were in no hurry and spent a good deal of time taking in the beauty and coolness of the creek. So peaceful.


The Hike:

#6 Beehunter Trail

Our tenth hike in the Allegany 18 Challenge was #6, Beehunter. The weather was perfect, the bugs were minimal. Gretchen, the dog, did find a ground bee nest and got stung in the process, though.

The trail has a lot of variety. It crosses a creek or two. There are uphill climbs and descents, but a lot of level hiking, too. We parked at the picnic area near Red House Lake and walked over the grassy field to enter the trail (where the sign claimed the trail is 5.5 miles long). (The sign at the other end was more accurate, claiming 6.5 miles. The GPS says we walked 6.2.)

As with many of my other hikes this summer, there were lots of different fungi. I didn’t photograph very many different kinds. Also saw lots of stinging nettle and bee balm. There was a blow-down near the middle of the trail we had to pick our way through/around. I appreciated the cairns at the creek, because the the original fording place had logs down and the water was deep there. The cairns pointed out a better place to cross.


The Hike:

Distance: 6.2 miles
Duration: 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 21 seconds
Average Speed: 1.5 mph
Minimum Elevation: 1425 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2217 feet
Total climb: 1060 feet
Total descent: 1061 feet

#17 – Eastwood Meadows Trail


We got a late start, so decided to tackle what we thought was a 2.4 mile loop, based on the information in the Allegany 18 packet. Odd that the trailhead sign says it’s 4 miles. My GPS says we hiked 3.9 miles. With this hike under our belts, we are half way through the Allegany 18 challenge!

It was a hot day after some days of rain, so there were lots of ‘shrooms! Indian Pipes were also up in several places, some starting to turn their heads upward to form the seed pods. Lost count of Red Efts. Gypsy moths laying eggs. Pretty pink Smartweed in the open areas.


The Hike